The Mukteswara Temple has been described as a gem of Orissan architecture: a dream realised in stone. It is a model of a planned temple. It is surrounded by a long wall, and is situated in a compound with numerous small shrines, a tank, and a gorgeously decorated torana. Its height is 35 ft with a standard temple plan. Mukteswara means "Lord of Freedom". The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. There are a number of sculptures of skeletal ascetics in teaching or meditation poses. Some scholars correlate the role of the temple as a centre for Tantric initiation.

This guided tour is free and has been specially curated for visually impaired students.

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Centre for Youth & Social Welfare

Walk Leader
Nituranjan Dash
The walk leader represents the Centre for Youth & Social Welfare, a non-governmental organisation registered in 1999 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It aims to provide youths with equal opportunities in all sectors. Our motto is ‘Education, Empowerment and Employment’. We are involved in various areas like youth leadership, human rights, environmental protection, social reformation, educational documentation, health awareness, upliftment of weaker sections and heritage conservation.