If you want to experience your city from a new perspective and you seek unique ways to engage with the history and culture of the cities of India, join us for the second edition of the India Heritage Walk Festival!
The first edition of the India Heritage Walk Festival won the PATA Gold Award for the year 2018. With over 80 walks in 35+ different cities across the country, the India Heritage Walk Festival makes us rethink and rediscover the way we interact with and imagine our heritage.

Ranging from walks through museums, monuments and markets, to explorations of interesting natural landscapes and areas known for their rich cuisine, these walks stimulate people to think deeply about architectural heritage, sustainable tourism, gender-related issues and cultural infusion. One such walk allows participants to understand traditional ways of water conservation in Rajasthan while walking through the baoris. Another walk led by a woman discusses the role of women with regard to a specific era and space.

During the walks, the participants get a chance to interact with the local residents. The residents open up their homes and share their stories — oral histories, legends and legacies, making it an incredible experience for everyone involved.
In an attempt to make heritage engagement more holistic and inclusive, some IHWF walks are designed to cater to specific user groups, such as students with special needs, travellers, and children. Our walk leaders are dedicated researchers and enthusiasts who have made special efforts to bring heritage to their audiences, in interesting and novel ways.