This heritage walk will be a guided tour of the old city of Lucknow, starting from Tila Wali Masjid, heading to Lal Pul, Ruby Gate, and further to the Bara Imambara. We will take a battery rickshaw and head to the Akbari Darwaja and go on to cover Chowk Bazaar, Phool Wali Gali and the Gol Darwaza. By 1766, Panch Mahal had become the most prominent feature of Lucknow and was later called Machchi Bhawan. Before the construction of the Machchi Bhawan, the important landmarks of Chowk were the Gol Darwaza and the Tomb of Shah Mina, a celebrated Muslim mystic settled in Lucknow in about 1450. In 1775, with Asaf-ud-Daula's accession, the town of Lucknow acquired great splendour.

Today, the rhythmic sound of workers hammering silver into thin sheets sound like the drum of a symphony orchestra. There is an intermingled aroma of "itra", scented oils and delicious sweets in the air. The market has a large number of Gota and Kinari shops, Saryaf Khanas and Attar shops. Thus, even today, this place is a unique shopping arcade where gold and silver merchants, chikan workers, flower vendors at phool wali gali, and zari-kamdani specialists are found in the same place.

This guided tour is free.


Walk Leader
Naved is a professional guide who has been working for UP Tourism since the last 31 years. Originally from Badaun, he completed his graduation in history from Lucknow University in 1982, and his post-graduation from DSB College, Nainital.