On Bombay’s eastern end lies the least explored but one of its kinds, Peshwa settlement. The architecture of this settlement in Old Panvel is influenced by Konkani, Peshwa and colonial styles.

The oldest area of the settlement welcomes the visitor with a huge Wadale lake which is surrounded by 18th-century temples. There are ‘wadas’ inhabited by indigenous communities and few public buildings of the 19th century. It also has the first Ayurvedic medicine factory of Maharashtra.

This walk is not just about the historical significance of the place but also about the climate responsive nature of these clusters. They are the best example of ‘living heritage’ today.


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Tejashree Lakras
She is an Architect, Heritage Conservation consultant and researcher and also an active academician associated with Pillai College of Architecture. She is passionate about and extensively working on Maratha style of architectural heritage and settlements, currently researching on Lonar, Maharashtra for ITRHD (Indian trust for rural heritage development).