Spices are the most stoic part of our kitchens and our culture, requiring constant rediscovery. We know how to crush, temper or stew the right elements at the right time, but have we ever wondered how the journey of spices over centuries has shaped the way we consume our food today? Let’s explore this journey as we take a walk through Khari Baoli.

Khari Baoli, one of the largest markets in Old Delhi, sits towards the end of Chandni Chowk. It is also the largest market of spices, herbs, incense, dry fruits and perfumes. In this walk, we will explore the contested indigeneity of some spices and herbs, the ways in which common condiments and sugars have been consumed over centuries, and discover some dying trades through conversations with traders. We will also discuss, through an activity, how the western world views India’s cultural landscape in terms of food, and rediscover the known timelines of the most common elements of a masaldani.


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Priya Poddar
She is a graduate in physics and is pursuing her Master's in literature, Delhi University. She has lived most of her life in Delhi and has taken numerous trips to Khari Baoli as a child. She is very passionate about cooking, food but is very choosy also (which doesn't always work in her favour). She hopes to be a good storyteller someday.