Walking down the lanes of Agra leaves one absorbed by the aroma of the different spices, various food stalls and the overall diverse cuisines of the city. Be it while looking at the century-old spice shops at Rawatpada or eating the delectable and famous mutton stew at Pakiza Meat Shop, it is a wonder how different spices and flavours blend into the living history of the city, and how modern alterations to the original dishes over time have created new flavours that still retain the cultural significance of the dish. Join us on a food tour across the old city as we take you through a journey of myriad palates, with a variety of different dishes ranging from Mughlai non-vegetarian cuisine to braj ke bhalle, and discuss how the different spices/preparations used by generations have influenced the food and living culture of the city.

This guided tour is free.

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Agra Heritage Walks

Walk Leader
Anal Jha
With a diploma in fashion design, Anal has worked with several fashion accessories brands across the globe for seven years. Due to his father's exquisite interest in literature and art, he developed interests in music and writing poetry. Settled in Agra for the last year, he has been honing his passions as a designer, flutist and poet.