Brahmpuri is the oldest settlement in the historical Jodhpur state of Marwar. The settlement is located at the western foothills of the Mehrangarh Fort and is believed to be as old as the fort itself. The locality is identified by the vibrant indigo tinge, which can be seen on almost all houses; hence the name, 'the blue city'. The area is the habitat of the Shrimali Brahmins, who were the spiritual advisors of the Kings back in the day. 'Marwar' means 'the land of death'. The harsh sun and the hot winds always got the better of the nomads that passed these lands. Thus, the fact that such a region was comfortably inhabited by people makes the traditional walled city of Jodhpur an architectural wonder. Brahmpuri, being the first settlement, is a quintessential example of Jodhpur's architecture. Walking through the streets of Brahmpuri is an experience in itself. The meandering streets, the sudden occurrence of chowks, the blue houses and enthralling vistas of the Brahmpuri valley make its streetscape one of a kind in the world.


Brahmpuri represents the cultural consciousness of its inhabitants. Join us as we explore its history, people, culture and architectural nuances. The walk will start from the Chandpole Darwaza and end at the Ranisar-Padamsar lakes.


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Hemant Joshi
He is a Fifth-year B.Arch. student with broad design interests. Over the period of four years of pursuing B.Arch., his inclination has always been towards discovering the finer nuances of built spaces. He believes culture, sociology, philosophy, and history when interlaced form a platform for the discourse of architecture. Being an Architecture research enthusiast and a diligent enquirer he believes in the idea that the objective reality of the Indian context is far from what we are apprehensive of. The intangible aspects of traditional architecture are a projection of culture, the people, and the beliefs of the community. Studying Architecture gave him more understanding of his Indian identity.