Aagla Station “Sheev”, Pudhil Station “Sheev”, Next Station “Sion”


This is what we normally hear on the local trains but have you ever wondered why this place came to be known as ‘Sion’ in English and ‘Sheev’ in Marathi? Last within the limits of Bombay City and Island, Sion is a township that saw the rule of the Sultan of Gujarat, the Portuguese and the British. Sion today is situated in the heart of Mumbai and acts as an access point to the western and the central suburbs and to Navi Mumbai. Its streets are filled with relics of the bygone eras, practically screaming out their stories. From churches to temples, from forts to new buzzing markets, from hospitals to cultural centres, from refugee camps to planned townships, Sion has it all.  For a really good break from the daily routine, get off that local train and take a tour into the calm forts and the buzzing bazaars of Sion, right in the heart of the Mumbai!


This guided tour is for free.

Walk Leader
Ashwini Nawathe
A nature lover, a trekker and an ardent reader from Mumbai. After playing Lawyer for a time, she shifted to my passion and love – History! She holds a Master’s Degree in Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology and is working as a Senior Executive: Research, Content Writer and Editor at www.mintageworld.com. She is a tad bit of a crazy writer with lots of gumption and maintains a personal blog on WordPress https://kaliedoscopeofmylife.wordpress.com/ Here you can find her blogs and poems on everything that matters under the sun.