Allahabad is home to some richly ornate and historically significant churches. As many as 14 churches across the city pay tribute to colonial, neo-colonial, Indian, Roman, Greek and modern architectural designs.

This lent season we will walk down some of these churches near Civil Lines. We start the walk at the amazing All Saints’ Cathedral and then walk through the well-planned Civil Lines to the oldest church of Allahabad, Union Church and finally ending the walk at Lal Girja.

Let us put our walking shoes on and appreciate the diversity of the churches, each having a distinct identity of its own. 

This guided tour is free.

Event Partner

Dus Dishaa

Walk Leader
Dr Kavita Gupta
She wears many hats. From curating various walks, teach communication and entrepreneurship, narrate stories and research various issues. Kavita enjoys traveling and learn while trying to find answers to what her curiosity arouses. Joining the league of " Move over Raju the Guide, the travel expert with a PhD. is here" Kavita is happy to further exploring her present city with the passion.