Grow Your Own Food (GYOF) is a series of workshops organised by Swechha, with the primary objective of encouraging and empowering every urban dweller to grow their own food, be it on their kitchen window, their small balcony in their apartment, a modest terrace or even their front lawn. Indeed, the idea is not to grow in tonnes and quintals, but to soil your hand, see basic vegetable and herb supplies grow in front of you, and also to understand what it takes to grow food. Each one of us can grow! The workshop is a mix of DIY, agricultural and agrarian contexts, and understanding sustainability hands-on!

We will be exploring and learning different potting techniques, from drum towers (one that grows over 20 veggies in a 2 ft X 2 ft space!), crate farming, kettle farming, etc. 

This guided tour is free and specially curated for children from the Magic Bus Foundation.

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Walk Leader
Ashim Bery
Ashim Bery, an educator by profession, has been working extensively with young students for the last two and half years. He has conducted workshops across 30 different government and private schools and has worked with over 2000 young school students. He has also worked extensively with some of the most prominent schools in Delhi/NCR, including The Indian School, The Foundation School, and Vasant Valley School. He is currently working as a Program Manager at Swechha and manages all special projects, campaigns, and school programmes run by the organisation.
Swechha as an organisation is dedicated to enabling ourselves and others around us to ‘Be the Change’, in making a tangible difference to the environment - both physical and social. Our mission is to inspire, create and support a just, equitable and sustainable society, for all and forever.