Akbar, the third Mughal emperor, ruled India for 49 years. He was known to be a kind ruler, a great warrior and an art lover, and also a believer in equality and peace, leading his kingdom to conquer one - third of the world’s wealth.

The monument of Sikandra in Agra (previously known as Akbarabad, or the land of king Akbar) is the final resting place of the king. It is a fine example of Mughal architecture and was built during the peak of the Mughal rule. In the course of the walk, we will talk about Akbar’s life and beliefs, Mughal architecture, the history of the monument and explore the greenery of the remnants of the city forest. We will also experience the tranquility and peace the monument evokes, read some poetry and listen to the flute.

This guided tour is free.

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Agra Heritage Walks

Walk Leader
Jitendra kumar
He is a practitioner of Kalaripayattu - the most ancient Indian martial art form. He loves to read and write and currently lives in Agra, exploring the living history, culture, and heritage of the city. He loves to observe and contemplate, and recall stories from the past. He also teaches martial arts in the city.